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Established in 2015, Pierre & Mrielle Ltd is one of the best Construction and Lifting Companies in Kenya. A Kenyan owned and operated company, we provides quality smart reliable solutions in lifting and construction.
Under the sound leadership of Peter Makoyo Machuki and Cynthia Sabiteka Mrielle, Pierre & Mrielle Ltd was created to cater to the growing number of infrastructure projects in the region.
Our vision is what propels us in all our endeavors, and that’s why we are rated as one of the top Construction and Lifting Company in Kenya. Your mission, as our client, should you accept it is to consider us the premier provider of all your construction and lifting needs. You as the customer are fundamental to our company culture, which is why every employee is tasked with searching for efficiencies that provide value. Should you choose us, here is what you should expect:


Unconditional Safety

Safety is very important to us and is non-negotiable. Our values and value are synonymous.

Synergy on all projects:

all our experts, stakeholders and partners are closely aligned, which brings synergy and cohesion in all our endeavors.

The best team

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we endeavor to develop close relationships and partnerships with all our customers by understanding ... Read more