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Welcome to Pierre & Mrielle


Welcome to Pierre & Mrielle Ltd, one of the best construction and lifting companies in Kenya. We are committed to offering superior service. You are central to all our operations, and it shows.

What we do

Through machine hire and subcontracting we are engaged in the following activities.


P&M is working with partners in Kenya in the extraction and processing of ... Read more


Civil works for power transmission lines and erection of tower lines.


We are involved in roads, water, dams, building and plant erection works

Oil and Gas

Development of access roads and Well Pads for investors

Agriculture and irrigation

Involved in the Galana Kulalu Project at Galana, Government flagship project


How do we do this?


By listening to your needs and concerns as the client, and by addressing your needs in an effective and timely fashion. Pierre & Mrielle name is synonymous with excellence, quality, and on-time delivery. We have built our reputation on the strength of our relationships with our clients, who mainly consist of contractors and companies.


Why Choose Us?

We are simply working towards remaining one of the best construction and lifting companies in Kenya. Our services can be imitated, but never replicated because our signature is quality control.
Driven by a commitment to constantly improve our services, Peirre & Mrielle Ltd embraces new and innovative construction and lifting methods to heighten efficiency, inspire innovation and boost client value. Our quality team adheres to compliance code policies and regulations, which ensure that there is continuous improvement in all our quality procedures.
As a specialist in the field, we solve difficult problems flawlessly for all our industrial, commercial and private customers. Since all our services are available under one roof, you can choose us as your sole solutions provider. With every new project we undertake, we strive to exceed even our own expectations to deliver the desired quality of work.

Timely delivery

You can rest assured that your project will be completed in the allotted time, which is a promise that we take very seriously. Through our technical directors and operators, we have controls that support efficiency, expenditure oversight, accountability, workmanship, quick problem solving, safety and the highest level of professionalism at all times. The best construction and lifting company in Kenya cares about your time.